Broom Duster Tutorial: Women Who Make Cents, Workbasket Magazine series January 1978

Women Who Make Cents is a department that appears in The Workbasket and Home Arts Magazine every month. It is an area where the magazine features what women across the country are doing to make money—mostly selling at church bazaars and craft fairs (there was no Etsy in 1978). This department is the early Pinterest—only … Continue reading Broom Duster Tutorial: Women Who Make Cents, Workbasket Magazine series January 1978

Chocolate Cake Pudding—Tasty Tuesday

This is my fourth (and maybe not final) Tasty Tuesday from the January 1978 Workbasket Home Arts Magazine. My previous three posts: Cottage Cheese Crumb Cake, Chocolate Dessert, and Banana Dessert were all good…but I am most excited about this one. I'm going to start by saying, it's my birthday and I want chocolate! And … Continue reading Chocolate Cake Pudding—Tasty Tuesday

Unanswered Prayers…Motivational Monday

Each day I read a devotional entry from Be Still…and Let Your Nail Polish Dry and then write about what that means to me. If you enjoy this, I'd love to have you along on this journey, even if you have a different opinion then I do. How else can we learn from one another … Continue reading Unanswered Prayers…Motivational Monday

Fill-in Friday #3

It's Fill in Friday! This idea is an old-school blog tag. It has long been defunct but I think it's such a fun and easy way to get to know people and to share. So, I am bringing it back! Here is how it works, each Friday I post five (5) phrases/sentences with blanks for … Continue reading Fill-in Friday #3

What’s Up Wednesday: Updates

The Workbasket Arts and Home Magazine project has been coming along nicely and in some ways better than expected. Blogging I've been keeping my blogging schedule—I certainly do NOT have it down pat. I'm still doing some posts at the last minute—mostly those Tasty Tuesday ones. But I do think the schedule will start to … Continue reading What’s Up Wednesday: Updates