Tats, TBRs and Booktube…oh my

This is a check-in and a little bit of plan telling for February. I am still working out of the January 1978 Workbasket, I have one more dessert recipe, I am wrapping up the beret and scarf, I am going to do a piece of wood art and I'm still tatting—which I am enjoying, but … Continue reading Tats, TBRs and Booktube…oh my

Embarrassed and excited

Honestly, I am! Let's start with the embarrassment… I was so gung ho on finishing and publishing a pattern for my soap sack-see previous post. Gung ho meaning eager to finish not to be confused with Gung Ho meaning eager to watch the 1986 movie starring Micheal Keaton…although now that you mention it, I'd like … Continue reading Embarrassed and excited