Bucket List

  1. Go to Greece
  2. See my girls get married
  3. Meet/see grandkids
  4. See my girls find BFFs
  5. Take a cooking class
  6. Write a recipe
  7. Get a knitting pattern published or shared by others
  8. Sing in public-by myself
  9. Act in a play
  10. Work for Pixar
  11. Knit enough socks to wear handknit sock everyday for a week
  12. Design a website
  13. Design something that people use and download
  14. Have a large vegetable garden (garden with 7-10 different fruits and veggies)
  15. Live in New York
  16. Make & hang an original piece of art
  17. Make 10 sales of something I made in 1 year
  18. Write a short story
  19. Write a book