Being Maria

My mug
That is my face!

Christ follower • wife • mother • daughter • sister • friend • avid crafter • occasional blogger •
everyday dreamer and muse • always opinionated but mostly harmless

All those terms describe me-in one way or another.

Christ follower

I believe in God. I believe He sent His son to die for our sins. I believe we have freewill, which means, I believe you have a choice to believe or not. I will mention God from time to time. I will never expect you to believe exactly as I do…however, I do expect you to respect me as much as I respect you.

The Pig holding a tiger; and a tiger holding a dragon
The Boar holding Tiger; and Tiger holding Dragon

wife • mother

Yeah, I’m not really sure what to say about that. But here are me and my peeps. I realize the caption on this pic…sounds kinda bad. However, according to the Chinese Horoscope- my husband is a pig, my oldest daughter is a tiger, I am a tiger and my youngest daughter is a dragon. And so far, we are pretty true to our sign.

daughter • sister

I have one sister and she’s awesome. I’m the big sis and I love it…although at times, she is definitely the more mature one and the one I go to for advice. More then she comes to me.

avid crafter

I love crafting. The first ‘craft’ I really remember learning is cross stitch. I learned in Brownies, in the second or third grade and I loved it. I have a love/hate relationship with the order and precision required to complete a project.

occasional blogger

I love the idea of writing and sharing, but I do not always make it a priority. Thus, I am an occasional blogger, but once I get into a rhythm, I’m good.

Everyday dreamer and muse

Ever see the movie Dogma? If you haven’t, you should, you will either love it or hate it (then re-watch it a month later and your opinion about it will change.)
Salma Hayek is a muse and she has this set of lines that can describe me at times:

Serendipity (Salma Hayek): Can you believe it? Me – a muse, for God’s sake. I sit down in front of the typewriter, and what do I get? Nothing. Blank page. I can’t even write a grocery list.
Bethany (Linda Fiorentino): What about what you did with Jay and Silent Bob? You inspired them.
Serendipity: That’s the cosmic joke. I can give out a zillion and nine ideas a second, but I can’t keep any for myself. Her quirky sense of humor.

If you ever need an idea, let me know I’d be happy to give you one. And unlike Serendipity,  I can keep some for myself…I don’t usually do anything with them. It’s because I have SO many and end up stress paralyzed (don’t judge, it’s a thing).

Always opinionated but mostly harmless

I think that is pretty much self explanatory. I have opinions like everyone else. I will express them, you can express yours. We don’t have to agree and that is beautiful as long as we have mutual respect.






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