2020 Goals

These are my goals for the 2020 year. There are only 10 which I hope will help me keep to them. I will periodically post updates to these below each of the goals.

1• Buy local (whenever possible).

2• Do something creative daily.

3• Read/listen to 65 books.

4• Go on vacation.

5• Upgrade my wardrobe.

6• Get regular haircuts.

7• Understand the blog backend.

8• Make $100 this year with Etsy.

9• Make $50 this year with Ebay.

10• Build a following on this blog

1st Q (Jan-Mar)
• Blog one time week
• Get 4 ‘real’ comments (from people I don’t know)

2nd Q (Apr-Jun)
• To come

3rd Q (July-Sept)
• To come

4th Q (Oct-Dec)
• To come