Anemore sucks!

So, I have tried to get this right 3 times now and it’s really not working. Yesterday was my first knitting lunch and I was very excited to get a patch done and learn a new knitting technique-the Vogue Calendar pattern of the day.

However, Anemone…should be called Annoying or Askew or something equally frustrating and wrong.

Here was my second attempt…
Here is my third, which looks relatively close, I just have 22 stitches at the end instead of the original 14 I started with.

But all I can figure out is pattern has to be wrong.
Or maybe it’s the knitter, but I have been knitting long enough to honestly be able to figure this out.

Has anyone tried this pattern?

Maybe I’ll do a little poking around on the internet and see.

But 3 attempts! That’s a couple hours of knitting time I could have spent working on something useful…like the Double Pom-Pom hat! Which I finished tonight.

Unfortunately O was already asleep so I couldn’t try it on her. I will in the morning and take a picture, however I am pretty sure it’s too big for her little head. But she’ll grow into it.

Tell me about it!

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