Spring Break?

It’s Spring break!

It should be a happy time. And it is—especially for the tiger and the dragon.

Why wouldn’t it be?
No school.
Sunny and sunnier days.
Friends & play all day.
Mom and dad around…

But, all these people around all day—it puts a HUGE cramp in my style.
The constant ask for snacks and attention—from both my children and my husband.

I know the break is needed and it’s a bit of a dry run for how summer will go. GOD help me, what am I going to do then!

This isn’t much of a motivational post (and it’s kinda late).
Except to say:  if you are in the midst of this stay-cation called spring break…You are not alone.

When there is a change in your family routine (even if it’s only a week), it can get you off your game.

But just remember, this too shall pass and you’ll get your barrings back, they might not be exactly the same, but hopefully the new barrings will be better.

Blessings. Lots of Love. And Big Hugs.

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