You have permission…

Sometimes that is all you need: someone to give you permission to do something you KNOW you should do. So today, I am giving you permission (actually requiring you too) to take some time just for you. We live in a very fast-paced, achievement driven world of endless to-dos and musts. And it's easy to … Continue reading You have permission…

Humble pie

Humble pie does not taste good, but it's good for the soul. I love the visual of this statement. Can't you see it…some little kid with a plate of steamed spinach on the plate in front of them and his or her little nose all scrunched up. The metaphor of eating something that is SO … Continue reading Humble pie

Don’t Yuck Someone’s Like

I can't figure out where I heard "Don't yuck someone's like" but I think it's BRILLIANT! This is something we all need to be better about… Even me. There are plenty of times I say 'Yuck' out of reflex. Like while watching a video or talking to someone about alternative food sources—crickets for dinner? Yuck! … Continue reading Don’t Yuck Someone’s Like

Make Room for the New

Sometimes you have to give up a dream (or two) to make room for a new one to take root. It's kind of like gardening. You have to weed and prune to make room for new growth. It's never easy. I've been thinking about that a lot lately and every time I think, it's like … Continue reading Make Room for the New

Facts, Opinions, and Instincts

I like to write in pencil (a mechanical pencil). Something not permanent. This strikes me as odd, I'm so confident (sometimes) in the words I'm speaking—sometimes to my own detriment. And yet, when I write, I want to be able to erase or write 'lightly' so my words can easily be rubbed out. Considering some … Continue reading Facts, Opinions, and Instincts