Today I had a doctors appointment (14 weeks, 2 days) and I heard the heart beat (again).

How cool and even better, the doctor was listening and there was this kinda static or I guess more of a thump and the doctor said “That was movement!” (He seemed kinda excited too, but it could just have been my perception)
“Let’s see if he/she will do it again.”
No such luck, but it was still cool and it makes me cry just typing about it.

Also, the baby and I (this is now going to be how I refer to everything, since the baby is ALWAYS with me right now) went to Hobby Lobby. I got some stuff to start a little scrap book for the Cuddle Bug (baby’s nick name, Chris’s is Cuddle Bear and mine is Sweetie) and we -the baby and I- decided on colors for his/her room and everything that comes along for a while. Green, Orange and Blue.

I like it, and so does the baby! 🙂

Tell me about it!

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