Sometimes when we are called to obey, the fear does not subside and we are expected to go against the fear. One must choose to do it afraid.
—Elisabeth Elliot

Fear is a damaging emotion. And is certainly a liar (Zach, you are right!)

It can keep us from doing what we know needs to be done or what we want to do.
It can keep us from seeing things clearly and keeps us from true joy.

At least it has in my life.

Last weekend I went to a local IF Conference and I have been evaluating things ever since.

I knew the moment I walked into the building, that fear was what I needed to leave behind. Fear of, not knowing anyone there or not being sure of what was going to happen all weekend almost kept me from getting out of my car.

And I needed to run toward confidence—in what God has for me. And sometimes we know what He has placed on our hearts, but we are too fearful to run toward it. Rest assured, we should be running.

And this is my declaration:
To run —maybe a light jog :{ — into what God wants for me.  Potentially only 1 person will see this (Hi Mom!), but that’s okay. The road has to begin somewhere.


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