Fill-in Friday #3

It’s Fill in Friday! This idea is an old-school blog tag. It has long been defunct but I think it’s such a fun and easy way to get to know people and to share.
So, I am bringing it back!

Here is how it works, each Friday I post five (5) phrases/sentences with blanks for you to choose the perfect word (for you) to complete the thought. The words you choose can make the phrase silly, insightful, thought-provoking, heartfelt or a combination of any of these.

Just remember, the words you choose will —as always— should reflect you.

OK, let’s get into this!

1. Winter is {_______________}.
2. This weekend I hope to {_______________}, but in reality I’ll probably just {_______________}.
3. I wish there was more {_______________} in the world.
4. {_______________} is my spirit animal.
5. Moonless nights are {_______________}.

Happy Friday!




P.S. If you are interested in my answers, check them out on my Instagram feed.

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