Finish up day

Today is the day!
We are finishing several projects that have been in the works.

I am finishing the snowman I started—like 3 years ago. I finished painting him and put the finishing touches on him. (Pic TK)

I’m trying to clean up the ‘craft’ room, in order to find the socks I started for Chris—again about 2 years ago. I also need to find the magnets I know I have so I can put up the Cleaning list. (Pic TK)

Chris and I are going to clean up the master bath, it’s covered in dust and Chris is going to paint the room. YEAH! (Pic TK)

Hopefully by the end of the year we will put the toilet in and the vanity and sink back in and into place and the shower tiled. Then (probably) after the new year we will be able to grout the shower. By my birthday, we should be able to use it (Fully). That will be exciting!

I’m sure while I’m cleaning the ‘craft’ room I will come across about 4 other projects I haven’t finished. We’ll see how to work those in. 🙂

I do need to finish my mom’s handies, I just need to weave in the ends. And tonight we are also going to finish Christmas shopping. (Pic TK)

PS. I’m watching Julie & Julia AGAIN (For about the 15th time, I’m obsessed!)

Tell me about it!

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