Happy 2020…Speak your desires

It’s a new year… a new decade.
That means it’s time for reflection, resolutions, clean slates/new beginnings.

And of course—my annual promise to make this blog ‘a thing’.
A priority. But I’ve decided to take a different approach to well not just it (this blog=it), but to everything.
Everything is such a lofty thing to say and not obtainable. It would be like me saying that I will never eat carb again and if you know me, you know that is a lie. What I mean is that I am examining all aspects of my life for places I need to truly prioritize.

And also in true Maria fashion, before I really started THINKING things through I decided to start making things LOOK different. Which is why—if you’ve ever been to this blog before—it looks different.
Making things ‘look’ nice is my safe place. Just start making things look the way I want: design before content. But darn my one of my design professor who would give me an ‘F’ just for saying that. Because content should drive design.

So, I stopped putting lipstick on the pig and will start worrying about content. Therefore, don’t expect this to look like one of those ‘professional’ blogs. This is down and dirty content blog.
Maybe not this post, but hopefully future posts. 🙂

Let’s move into some reflection and what has led me here.

I’m glad the last decade is over. It brought a lot of trials. Not all bad, but some I certainly would like to leave in the past…but taking the learning from them into the future along with the good.
And in leaving things behind, I pray that God has His plan to use what I’ve learned for something better this year/decade. Mostly because I need something positive to kick this thing off.

And frankly, I expect God to bring that into existence.
Yes, I said expect.
Is it correct for me to expect something of God?
#1 Because I have faith;
#2 Because He can;
#3 Because if I can’t tell God what I want AND believe that He can do it, then I probably don’t really want it.
#4 Because the Bible tells me that I can expect something if I ask for it. That is basically the crux of Matthew 7: 7-8

So, today —and every day— I will speak my desires. You should too!
But remember, you might not get exactly what you want. You might get something adjacent to what you want, you might get something completely different but ultimately better. Or you might get exactly what you want, just not in the time-frame you want it.

Just remember, you have to *ask, believe, work, ask, believe, learn from the small (good and bad), ask, believe, question (both yourself and the Lord).

*repeat over and over

So, make this year the year you tell/ask God for what you want and work for it along with expecting what you want to happen.

Happy 2020!
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Tell me about it!

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