Hello 2022…now what?

As usual, I start the year reassessing, well—everything. And this year is no different. Why would it be? I can’t let the pandemic—if it seems neverending is it still a pandemic or just the new norm?

Anyway, in true Maria fashion, a decision needs to be made about THIS space:
keep it?
abandon it?

I guess since I was also reassessing my spending and saw the charge for hosting this space for another two years…my decision is made.

I start planning, I am good at planning. Execution is where I fail.

But, I started planning. I pulled out two (random) Workbasket magazines in an effort to decide whether I want to ‘restart’ Aunt Ellen’s Club.
I think will.

And my biggest happiness is that the Winter Olympics are next month and I KNEW/KNOW that I want to do the Crafting Olympics again.

So, I guess I am going to keep this space and try to really keep it active.

Me. Infusing. Don’t I look happy?

I am writing this during my infusion.

So, at a minimum, I know that 1 time a month I have an hour of writing time—what else can I do when I am hooked up to an IV with limited mobility/access to my stuff.

That’s the plan. One post a week—on Thursday I think—for at least then next month. I think I can handle that. 🙂

Let’s see if this plan gets executed. 🙂

Fingers crossed that I can execute my plan.

hugs and kisses from Maria

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