Keepin’ Cool Questionnaire

1. Do you Knit or Crochet? For how long?
I knit, I do have so crochet needles and would love to learn, but I need to take the time to get my friend Lisa to teach me.

2. Do you enjoy using metal, wooden, or some other kind of needlehook?
I am a wood girl! Probably because my first pair of knitting needles were wood. I love them, recently my dog Oscar ate one. very sad…I should post a picture of the remaining one.

3. What are your favorite types of yarn? Any you just can’t stand?
I don’t know that I have a favorite or least favorite yarn.

4. When it comes to cotton, are there any brands you’d love to try and haven’t?
Hummm…Good question. I like the Lion cotton as well as Sugar’n Cream, Peaches N Creme. That’s what I typically use for my dishclothes, I’d love to try something new!

5. When you make Dishcloths, do you use them yourself, or tend to give them as gifts?
I do both. I do like to use ones I make, but I love to make them for other people just as a special for no reason gift or as part of a Thank You.

6. Do you have a favorite color? Any that you dislike?
I tent to gravitate toward yellows, I don’t know why…maybe because it’s so bright and pretty. Blues too. I’m not a big orange or pink fan.

7. What color(s) (if any!) are your kitchen and bath decorated in?
I have two bathrooms, the ‘guest bathroom’ is yellow and white. The mast bath is blue, green and white.

8. What are your favorite scents around the house?
I like fresh scents, nothing too flowery or girly. In my opinion, Downey could very well be the best scent in the world.

9. What is your very favorite thing about summer?
Finally warming up. Getting outside and playing/getting dirty.

10. What is your least favorite thing about summer?
Getting hot and dirty. 🙂

11. Do you use soap or body wash in the shower?

12. What scents do you enjoy in the bath?
Again, mostly clean scents.

13. What is your favorite dishcloth pattern?
I have done the Basic Modular Dishcloth by Vyvyan Neel several times. I want to learn the nubbins one, but I can’t get the gist of that one for some reason.

14. What sort of treats do you enjoy? Sweet or Salty?
I like a trail mix of both salty and sweet. My boyfriend thinks that’s weird. But I think he’s weird for not liking it.

15. Imagine today is one of the hottest days of the year – what do you do to keep cool? Or are you one of those folks who loves the hot weather?
Well, I think I would spend some time out in the sun reading a good book (reminder-come up with summer reading list) getting some sun damage-not a lot. And then when I get warm, I’d bring my book into the shade to cool down and then eventually make my way indoors for a refreshing cocktail, a good movie and some knitting.

16. What sorts of hobbies do you enjoy besides knitting or crocheting?
I just like to keep busy, crafting, reading, movies, fixing things around the house, mowing the lawn (yes I actually like to mow my lawn) and if I can’t find anything else-I might even clean a small area of the house till something better comes up. 🙂

17. Do you collect anything (besides yarn!)
Old camera’s, vintage crafting magazines, that sort of thing. I like to wonder around flea markets and antique stores to see what catches my eye.

18. Are you on Ravelry? If so, share your ID!
I AM! My user name is: maria1975

19. Do you have any allergies?
As long as you’re not sending me Penicillin or Sulfa based drugs, we’ll be fine.

20. Do you have any pets?
I do. Oscar the cutest, most stinky puppy!

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