Liz Phair Rules

I’m a big old school Liz Phair fan.

She’s kinda a bad girl and I think I harbor the want/need to be a bad girl too.

Here is a great interview from NPR’s Bryant Park Project:
She’s talking about Exile in Guyville, which is an album I completely love. So ground breaking and like nothing I had ever/have still never really heard before. I never heard until until about 9 years after it was released.
It was released in 1993, the year I graduated from high school.

I wonder if I would have liked it then and if I did would I be a different person today?

One thought on “Liz Phair Rules

  1. *LOVE* Liz Phair! I listened to that album constantly in college. I’ll have to check out that interview.

    — Your Dishcloth Swap Pal

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