I finally did something. It’s not what I said I would do, which was design up this blog. But whatever, it’s only been like 3 weeks. Get off my back, no ones reading it anyway! And that’s just fine with me.
I hope everyone had a good St. Pats day. It was good for me. Emotionally very exhausting. But good. I really made a new friend in Mindy. At least I hope I have.
And Carole and I have a really good bond and I am incredibly thankful for that. Not to mention Shelly and she is having a rough time right now too.
No matter how positive I try to be I had to ask Chris if somehow I ended up in this group and it’s really some social experiment. Let’s see how far we can emotionally push someone till she breaks.
But really I know I have lots of boundries and I know I need to break them down, so whatever God has in mind for that is fine by me. Bring it on! Cause I know I am strong enough to make it though and I do have some great friends, who would do anything for me.

OK back to the project. 🙂
This is a wedding present for Melissa. I hope that she likes it. I will be getting it framed sometime soon. Actually, really soon.
It’s 1 Corinthians 13, very cliché for a wedding but very fitting.
It had some obstacles. I don’t know anyone who cross stitches and it comes out completely perfect. But I guess I don’t know many cross stitchers. 🙂
It called for pearl and gold, silver metallic blending filament in it. It looks really cool, but that stuff is not easy to use. You can see it here, in the bells and for the backstitching on the doves.

So now that I have finished that, what will be my next project? I’ll probably start looking for it tonight, cause I’ll need something to do while I’m watching Hollywoodland and taking a break from that to watch How I Met Your Mother.

I did cut some flannel for a couple of pillow warmer things. But it’s March, how much longer will I need to use something like that. However, I am cold all the time. I could also come up with something to knit. OH maybe I’ll knit something for Kara. Her babyshower is coming up. I can’t go, but I can send a gift.
That’s my mission, something baby.

Tell me about it!

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