I stayed home today from work. I didn’t feel well, which was partially caused I was nervous about the fact that this evening was my first time to teach a class. (I am teaching a typography class at a local community college.)

I’m so glad I did stay home. Cause look what I found as I was leaving the house this afternoon!
It’s from my spoiler, Diane.

(Now that Oscar has been groomed he’s much happier about getting his picture taken!)

Look at what I got!

I have never had a chance to look through a Vogue Knitting. And now I have one! Plus some fun mercered cotton yarn, in a completely fun color. A bright sunny dishcloth, yummy hand lotion and… Oscars favorite—some Peaches N’ Cream yarn. 🙂
Thank you so much Diane! You did a great job. I can’t wait to try the peaches and cream, I have a couple skeins but haven’t knitted anything with it yet.

I think my spoilee enjoyed her package. She is starting a pay it forward exchange. You should go check her stuff out and her too cute dog.

I haven’t been writing about my adventures in so long, so here’s a short update.

I have a lot of freelance leads going on right now. Which is completely cool, I can’t wait to get into some more of that.

I have been knitting: mostly a couple of my own soap sacks which I am thinking about making a bunch and selling. Here a pic of the one I’m presently using (this one is not my own pattern). It’s made out of CottonTots. I also made one for Chris and asked him to tell me how he likes it, his is out of Sugar N’ Creme. I just finished another one for him out of CottonTots so he can compare the two. He’s a big washcloth kinda guy so I thought he might be a good guinea pig. For what people might like better.

I also finished my first dishcloth pattern. It’s got some issues. I screwed up with the stem on my martini glass, just not long enough and the ‘olives’ in the glass are not quite as I would like them to be. But I will make some modification and see how I can improve on it. Really for the first one I’ve ever writing I think I did a pretty good job. Nothing that can’t be fixed.

Well, the Colts are losing their pre season game against the Bears, however they did just interview my boy…Dwight Freeney! But at this point in the game no starters are playing anymore and I am getting tired. Know what that means? Time for bed.

Oh and I would like to say, I am STILL reading Harry Potter 7. And amazingly enough, I have been able to avoid spoilers. If you’ve read it, PLEASE don’t spoil it for me. I only have another 200 or so pages yet to read, but I just haven’t had a chance to just sit down and read.
Just like I haven’t had a chance to sit down and knit/write/blog. Such a slacker! I should have done that today. I think I might take next Monday off, some friends and I are going to go out of town Sunday day and get back late sunday night, so Monday (and maybe Tuesday) might be a good day(s) to take off.
KNITE everyone!

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  1. Oh cutie pie doggie!!! Funny he looks as if he is going to help you make something with your yarn and poses so nicely beside your box. Have a great weekend! Val

  2. Oh cutie pie doggie!!! Funny he looks as if he is going to help you make something with your yarn and poses so nicely beside your box. Have a great weekend! Val

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