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Sorry I didn’t write yesterday about my adventures in Pulled Pork, but we went Christmas shopping instead.

The pulled pork was completely easy. Just purchased a packed of seasoning from McCormicks and followed the instructions. I wish I had looked better at the pork before I put it into the crockpot, cause once it was cooked and I started ‘pulling’ the pork (which I just did in the crockpot) I noticed that there was quite a bit more fat that I would have liked. So…lesson learned.

Plus this:

Equals this:

I was just going to make instant potatoes to go with the pork, but then about 1hr before the meat was done I decided I should do something other then that—don’t ask where these thoughts come from, they just materialize!

So, I knew we had green peas. I know this because the last time Chris and I went to Meijer he grabbed about 10 bags. Yes you read that correctly, TEN bags—for his lunches. Well, I have decided that there are less important things to argue about then the food the man puts into the grocery cart. But, we got home and there were already about 5 bags in the freezer—Yes we then had fifteen bags of green beans. These are one of my least favorite veggies. So, he has been taking them to work (he eats a whole bag of veggies at a time, with a whole container of canned chicken—the large ones, from Costco for lunch and never gains a pound, sometimes I hate him) but we still have a bunch in the freezer.

I found a recipe for green beans Almandine in my Betty Crocker recipe book (the one with the read and white checkers on it, you have one, the entire world has one). We obviously had the green beans for the recipe and everything else—butter, salt and lemon juice I believe— except almonds. However I had a huge thing of walnuts (I don’t know why) so I figured that walnuts would work and they did! Really very good for green beans.

I also decided we needed some bread, should have just gotten some from the store, but whatever!

Every recipe on the book calls for yeast, which of course we don’t have. But I finally came across one for beer bread and we have a ton of beer. Specifically Yuengling (Pronounced Ying Ling). So beer plus a couple other ingredients we also already had and we got some bread. Some extremely dense bread.

So I only have the pictures of the start of the food making process after that, I got lazy. 🙁

Anyone else got some good food recipes I should try?

Tell me about it!

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