Naked Monday

I’m not really naked! Geez perverts!
I just feel naked.

I forgot to put on my rings (including my wedding ring), my ear rings, forgot my water bottle in the house, and about 6 other things I can’t even thing of right now because I haven’t needed them today.

Well, since last weeks completion list was a good motivator, I will try again this week.

I found a cup wrap thingie that just needs to be stitched together, so that’s an easy finish.

I also want to finish the yoga mat bag I have about 2/3 done. I have been worried that it’s actually a little too tight for a yoga mat. Although I did shove mine into what I have done thus far so, yarn is stretchy right?

There are also the new pair of hand warmies I started Sunday. You are asking yourself…why didn’t you just take the yoga mat bag? Well, because it’s a little big with the mat in it (I’ve been too lazy to take it out)—that’s why.
Don’t judge!
And maybe the second question is, why do you need a project to take to your parents…because my parents house is like 35-45 minute drive now and I made Chris drive. So, I could work on something while he drove and we listened to the Colts game, which was what I wanted to do too…he was very accommodating this weekend.

Plus, we have a tendency to sitting around and gab at my parents, this way I have something to do while we all chatted.

I also found a couple of things I can add to my Etsy shop yesterday while I was cleaning up the ‘craft’ room a little. I think I will try and add one tonight and one tomorrow, etc…that way I have something new every day. That’s probably good right?

That’s about it.


Hey, did you notice I changed my blog up a bit? What do you think? Come one people, I need your validation (I really don’t but if that’ll make you comment…then believe whatever you need to. :))

4 thoughts on “Naked Monday

  1. 1. Lovely blog background changes 🙂

    2. You take your wedding rings off!?

    3. I always had a project with me (back when I knit) to keep it rolling 🙂

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