Oh My!

I can’t believe it’s been this long since I’ve written. But I have a ton of stuff to share and should continue for a while. 🙂

So let me start here.

The All Hallows Eve dishcloth swap, which ended like a month ago!
Ingrid was my secret swap spoiler and she did an AWESOME job, look at the wonderful things she sent me. I really love the stitch markers.

My spoilee was Gina. She was great to spoil! Here is what I sent here.

I went to Michaels today and got a ton of yarn for Christmas projects. Yes, Christmas projects and personal ones too.
Here’s what I got going on.

Here are the Dragonfly socks I started last YEAR and had to redu one of the socks because…well you can read about it here and then I lost the one I made so I wasn’t going to do the second one if I didn’t have a matching one. Well I found the first one while I was cleaning recently, so the mate is on again!

I have another pair of socks to do too. For Chris, here gets a set of male socks, yes I previously started them too, but I frogged then and will start over. Brilliant!
But I think Chris will really like them.

What else do I have? Oh mittens. I started these before, these are for me. But I am kind of making up the pattern on my own and while doing it the first time it wasn’t wide enough with the pattern, so I will start again.

I’m also going to make a blanket to leave at Chris’. I’m going to use the same pattern as one of Gina’s favorite dishclothes, which I completely LOVE!

And last, but not least I’m going to make my sister a wrap thingy. Again, I’m going to use the same pattern as above, but I can’t decide what kind of yarn to use. Look at these? I started mixing the two different ones here, but I don’t like it, so…frogged again and gonna start over. I like the green and the off white together, but I’m not sure what kind of yarn to use. What do you think, which would you use? No matter what, I have to go get more so I guess it’s OK. The thick and Chunky would go faster, but I’d have to go get a contrasting color and I kinda like it better, but I could at least start with the other yarn and then exchange a green for an off white. I think my sister would like either one. Anyone have any preference?

OK, I will keep you informed in the future as to what is going on. I promist to be better about posting. I think I just got out of the habit and now it’s hard to get back into it, know what I mean? But I want to and now is the time, because I’m also starting going to the gym again! 🙂

Tell me about it!

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