Oh the blog

Yeah, I was doing really well for a while and then…
You know…

Here’s the poop on for me. I’ve been obsessed with Twitter lately (blame Twitter for my lack of blogging). But you know what…I really only like Twitter on my iPhone using “TwitBird”. I know, weird right? But it’s somehow far more intuative for me.

I also started reading some additional blogs, most notebly this one by Jackie. Jackie is a culinary student and Hoosier, from my ‘hood.
I’m not kidding, we grew up in houses whose lots (almost) butted up next to each other and I used to babysit her. At least once or twice. So crazy to think about! She’s now married (got married about a month after me) and living in NYC (I’m completely jealous-I love NYC and would live there in a hot minute). She has a great sense of humor, so head over and read about her adventures at the French Culinary Institute.

I also had my first shower on Saturday, so I have been working hard to make sure my registry is up to date, etc… I had a great time on Sunday with those ladies. I only wish I had remembered to bring my camera.
Note to self…have camera permanenty attached to self-once Bug gets here…document, document, document!

But other then that, we’re just trying to get the house ready and do all that good jazz. Got color for Bug’s room, we need to do the prep work on the room which includes taking down the icky floral border left by the 100 year old women who lived there before Chris moved in (10 years ago).

I also want to start looking for some freelance work. I’m over the drive and over the job. And there is so much going on in the office that it might be about time to fly the coop-I just wish the economy was better.

Tell me about it!

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