Rain Rain go AWAY!

Here is the scene of my backyard:

Yes, the water is about 2 ft high in my backyard. The barn is flooded inside (I’m sure of it). I will have all sorts of leaves and branches left in my yard from all that water. The creek floods and flows into my yard, isn’t that great. When I left this morning it had flooded into the road later on in the neighborhood.

Indy has been having some terrible weather lately.
Friday night there were was a tornado touchdown on the East side.
Another one last night on the Southside
And flooding today along with another tornado watch till 11am this morning.

I do love spring, but man it’s getting bad out there.

In other news, I went to bed late last night and then Oscar the protecter dog that he is barked from about 1:30 til 5:30 this morning because of the thunder and he thought someone/something was coming to get us. I think I got less then 4 hours of sleep total last night. I am exhausted.

Why did I go to sleep late last night? Because I was knitting and watching the 2nd season of Big Love. 🙂

I finished the dishcloth I was working on.

YEAH, that one took longer then it should have.

I was also working on my KAL dishcloth as well.

Well, I guess I should get to work. Have a great one!

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