Random Act Of Kindness2

Last week we had to leave town for a funeral.

Yes it was sad…my husbands 98-year-old grandfather passed away.

But 98 years!

That’s a nice long life. It makes me think more and more about making every day of my life count.

Doing what I love, being with whom I love and cutting through the crap.

Because if you’re lucky to live that long:
• You want to have a lot of great memories to outweigh the bad.
• You don’t want to start thinking at 95…”Well, hells bells I never thought I’d make it this long, maybe I should .”

No regrets and I wish I had’s…

So, that is where my head is right now.

Very random.

But the fact that he passed, I got the chance to do something that I have been thinking and thinking and thinking about.

Giving away the dishcloth I make.

I know it’s small and COMPLETELY random, but knowing me it will be a gateway to much more.

So, I take the ‘card’ I’ve been mulling over in my head.
Design it in 30 minutes (not perfect by ANY stretch of the imagination, kinda drives me batty).
Print it on my crappy home printer. On copy paper that is way too yellow.
And leave the note attached to a dishcloth somewhere while on the road.

And I started…

I left the first one in Ohio (left pic) at a Subway.
And was so busy potty training on the way home that I forgot to leave the second one somewhere.

Therefore, I left it yesterday on someone’s car (right pic) while I was running errands after work.

One less thing on the I-Wish-I-Had-Done-It list.

And I will do it again. I just finished the Mid February dishcloth last night. I’ll put it out sometime between now and finishing the March 1 dishcloth.

Do you dishcloth KAL? Cause you should!

Tell me about it!

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