Right now?

I’m not doing much but feeling good and itching. I have a weird itching on my shoulder.

Anyway, I did a bunch of work in the yard yesterday and today (no not the cause of the itching).

I haven’t done any more on the pattern, which Jen, is not another wedding dress. It’s just a dress. McCall’s pattern M5621. I have started cutting a little Sunday. But I haven’t done any more. Jen, I would call you for advise, if I had your number. And I have read the instructions (which I don’t really understand) but it really doesn’t say anything about interfacing on the back when I was purchasing the fabric and the pattern. Not until I started reading the pattern did I find out tht I needed interfacing. And why would you cut the interfacing seperately and then iron it to the piece of fabric? Why not iron on the interfacing THEN cut! These are the questions I ask. Perhaps I should have started with something a little easier. Like a pillow.

Here is the layout on my diningroom table.

And as I was typing this, Chris is sitting next to me (we were watching The West Wing) and here’s our conversation:
Chris: Are you blogging?
Me: Yes
Chris: About what?
Me: Knitting, sewing, crafting stuff!
Chris: Not about me?
Me: No
Chris: Why not? Aren’t I interesting enough?

He’s so needy sometimes-in a totally fun joking way. I love him! 🙂

One thought on “Right now?

  1. That looks super cute! One thing though! before you cut REALLY REALLY look at how your pattern will lay on the fabric, moreover where the various elements will lay on your body…..

    Go to The Blue Blog's post from June 2 ( I can't seem to link the specific post for some reason… http://alison.knitsmiths.us/ and see the bottom reference to "flower boob"

    Pay attention to the 'cut two' or 'cut on fold' and there may be little dots telling you where to gather and such. The pattern instructions should have a cutting layout for you, showing you exactly how to lay the pieces out and make sure that the grainline arrow is going with the grain of the fabric. (The cutting diagram will tell you which direction the selvages should be facing. The pieces have to be cut in the correct direction but the interfacing doesn't matter…. it can be turned or twisted just so long as it fits on there 🙂
    You're gonna do great, don't let me worry you 🙂

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