Starting again

I used to be ab AVID blogger.
I love to write and share what I was doing, even if only two people were reading…
Then, life happened.
I got serious about a boy.
I got even more serious and got engaged, got married, sold my house, moved to a completely different side of town, a year later had a baby and I’m STILL reeling.
But I miss this, I miss the creative process.
I miss writing and thinking about it.
I know I’ve said it before and I guess I’ll say it again…I want to be here again. I want to be involved in a creative community (cause I’m not even in it at work anymore).
Last night I spent the evening knitting and sipping wine with a group I sporadically have the time to be involved with. But I realize (after taking two mental health days from work) that I need that creative time. I think it’s what’s missing in my life and what’s—frankly—making me VERY bitchy!
So this is a promise I’m making to myself, anyone who happens to be reading (pretty much NO ONE) and God:
• I will spend (at least) 30 minutes a day reading my RSS feeds (all creative and seemingly getting fewer and fewer as I get into them and realize that no one else is blogging anymore)
• share at least 3 of those items, via either this blog or by emailing to friends I think might find it interesting
• (at least) 30 minutes doing something creative of my own: knitting, writing, designing or crafting of some sort

And I think I can do all of this at work…cause I really only have about 10 minutes of actual work to do! hehehe 😉

So we begin again.
I do semi have a plan and I will reveal it as I flush it out.

3 thoughts on “Starting again

  1. Still here 🙂
    Like me life took us by surprise, and all the things that we were used to do, got behind.
    it is fine also, because we are happy.
    Welcome back Maria 😉

  2. Thanks Mandy. I know what you mean about feeling guilty, but I am SO not going to let that get to me. I even feel better after just a couple days of tapping back into that side of me. And frankly, I'm not about to let it fall by the wayside again!
    How are you? Can I see your doodles somewhere?

  3. Welcome back! Life sure has a way of getting between us and our creative activities. It's the one thing I do regret 'letting slide' when we started our family. I often felt guilty for sitting down with a pencil and sketchpad when there were clothes to wash and kids to tend. It helps to find creative bits and pieces you can incorporate into your day job, even if you're not really in a truly creative profession now. Let me just say, there's a lot you can do with a Powerpoint!! You will do a great service to yourself by finding personal time for a creative pursuit – it really does help preserve my sanity, so I got over the guilt and started doodling again. 🙂 Just do it!

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