Still organizing!

Another day with a crazy long Friday ‘To Do’ List!

Ugg! 2 pages… And I have plans again tonight so don’t know how much of it will get completed and shoved off to the Weekend list.

Here’s how yesterdays ended up. Got it almost completely done.
Kind of amazed how much I got done considering I helped Jenn last night with her singles event. A 40+ Euchre/pool game night. There was a really good crowd. I wish she had that turnout for her younger events.
I even managed to go some knitting once I got home.

I did join the Christmas KAL yesterday. This in hopes of:
1. Making presents for people instead of buying some commercial product…which I’m sure I’ll still do, but…
2. Spreading the cost of Christmas across the whole year instead of one month
3. Giving my ‘crafting’ a direction and a purpose

So I hope to figure that out this weekend. I’ve started the list, I just need to finalize it and get my patterns all pulled.

That’s about all for today. I hope to have some more crafting and knitting news next time. Maybe some before and after pictures of the spare bedroom once I finish painting it this weekend.

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