String Art, Knits, and Books: What’s Up Wednesday

  Today is a Wednesday of endings and beginnings…almost literally! Letter Library? What is a Letter Library? Good question. I don't think it's a real thing, but it should be! As Words in Deep Blue describes it: it's a small room (closet like) with shelves of books. Books that have been written in, words circled, annotations, … Continue reading String Art, Knits, and Books: What’s Up Wednesday

Tats, TBRs and Booktube…oh my

This is a check-in and a little bit of plan telling for February. I am still working out of the January 1978 Workbasket, I have one more dessert recipe, I am wrapping up the beret and scarf, I am going to do a piece of wood art and I'm still tatting—which I am enjoying, but … Continue reading Tats, TBRs and Booktube…oh my

I {heart} books…

…but I don't excel at reading them. A bookshelf in my house with books…not read. I know how crazy that sounds. But I do and I don't. I love books: physical books—especially hardback books. The weight of one in my hands, the cover art, the dust cover and then stripped of the dust cover to … Continue reading I {heart} books…

Cables smables!

I have tried about 3 times to make a dishcloth that I found from my yahoo KAL that is supposed to have 3 cables on it. I've never done cables, but it's not right! At least it doesn't seem right, I watched the video on how to do it on Maybe it's the pattern. … Continue reading Cables smables!