What is making me happy this week: S1, E1


Pop Culture Happy Hour
I think I would put this on my list every week 🙂 But, this week is different because this week…it went daily.
This ensures that every day I have something pop-culture related in my podcast queue.


The Midwife: A Memoir of Birth, Joy, and Hard Times by Jennifer Worth
To say that I am HUGE fan of this PBS show would be an understatement. There are a lot of differences, but just as many similarities between the show and the book. Some of the stories in the book are the same as in the television show. But with small differences mostly in detail and the book offers more background/historical information. Reading this book has sometimes been an exercise in listening (which I am literally doing—this is an audiobook) and not relying on what I remember from the show.
Jenny (the writer, main character/narrator of the show) is not quite as likable in the book. She is a bit snobby and I can’t decide if I don’t like that characteristic of her because she is different from the TV show OR because I would probably feel the same if I were in her shoes.


The Daily Dose of the Internet
These videos are not daily, BUT they are 3+ minutes of random things found on the internet. Our video creator/narrator highlights the silly, stupid, interesting, and entertaining.

Honestly, it’s a nice distraction that sometimes makes me laugh, but at a minimum makes me smile.


The Queen’s Gambit on Netflix
You know, how (at least with a Roku) sometimes the featured ‘show/movie’ trailer will just start? Well, Wednesday when I started the Netflix app on my Roku with every intention of just watching something familiar (Call the Midwife or Dumplin’ or Private Practice) while I eat my lunch. The trailer for the featured item started…and then I  binged FOUR episodes only stopping because we had to leave to get our flu shots.

The Queen’s Gambit is a chess opening, a book, and now a Netflix limited series. Beth-our main character- is smart, mysterious, and draws you in. Beth is like a magnet and you can’t wait to see what she does or says next.

She has been orphaned— twice.
She has a complicated relationship with the men—of which there are many.
She is a pretty girl in the male-dominated world of chess.
The true crux of Beth is that she is brilliant and torchered by her past. Both of which lead her to self-sabotage.

Stick with it! The last episode had me in tears.
AND, if you like Jolene, she shows up again in the sixth episode 🙂

I hope you decide to check something. Regardless, don’t forget to leave me a comment on what is making YOU happy this week!

hugs and kisses from Maria

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