Time flies

It's been a couple weeks of change here in the Demko house. There was Spring Break with kiddos being home from school. Spring break also brought days long play dates—friends spending the night, etc… And dog watching for neighbors. Then it's been prep for Easter—two Easters, the one that happened this past weekend and Eastern … Continue reading Time flies

Spring Break?

It's Spring break! It should be a happy time. And it is—especially for the tiger and the dragon. Why wouldn't it be? No school. Sunny and sunnier days. Friends & play all day. Mom and dad around… But, all these people around all day—it puts a HUGE cramp in my style. The constant ask for … Continue reading Spring Break?

What is the hurry?

We all have patience issues right? What, I'm the only one? I'm the only one who wants what they want RIGHT now! Like a petulant child? No, you too! Good, I'm glad I'm not alone. That makes me feel better. All that being said, I believe God granted me my youngest daughter to teach me … Continue reading What is the hurry?