I need to start by saying, I got an email from my father last night regarding yesterday’s post.

He suggested that if I wanted something to do, I should be praying. Let me make it abundantly clear…I start my day out by praying. Right now my prayers revolve around the recovery of those who have COVID-19, the medical professionals who are assisting and still able to work, for the ‘leaders’ of this country (and other counties) who are doing their best to calm the fears of everyone, and much more.

There dad, are you happy. 🙂

Most of what I was saying yesterday was although I believe in the power of prayer, I also believe in the power of doing…and that is where I am feeling a bit lost. I want to DO something!

Doing THE THINGS is where my head is today (see my new shirt, it’s up at the top of this post…First I drink the coffee then I do the things.).

Today, I am not distracted by making sure my kiddos eLearn (it is the weekend) so I need to come up with something TO DO.

So here’s my list:

My to do list: Pray, coffee, make 10 pediatric masks, chill a bottle of wine, make dinner and attend the Twitter Party!

Although praying it’s already ‘done’.
It never really is, I will continue to pray throughout the day, most especially while I’m sewing mask. I feel if I’m sewing/knitting/crafting/write a blog post my words/thoughts/feels get imparted into it.

Kinda like that Sarah Michelle Geller movie Simply Irresistible.

Tell me about it!

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