The weekend

WEll, it’s only Sunday morning—8:30ish am here. I should have gotten up like an hour ago to get some stuff done, but I laid in bed instead.

Friday I worked a lot on Dreamweaver to learn the program. I need to work some more. Cause, things don’t look exactly the same as they did on the tutorial I was using. It’s going OK,just different, another little hurtle to get over.
It’s all part of my plan. Learning Dreamweaver, improving this blog (aren’t you proud of me…this is like the 7th post this month!), being more active not only in the crafting community, but IRL, crafting more, just so much!

Yesterday I knitted on a pair of hand warmers (which I already have a pair) but had to frog them AGAIN! It was the second time I frogged them. But this last time I put a line in right after the ribbing, so when I frogged I didn’t have to COMPLETELY frog. YEAH! So starting the pattern again, but this time trying a different patter. 🙂
So let’s face it, I’ll probably frog again.

Today I think I will be cleaning out my car, cleaning around the house and planning my next week. This has become one of Chris and my activities on Sunday evening. Which is good. Cause we definatly need to plan these next couple weeks cause…

MY HOUSE IS SOLD! Gotta be out Nov. 2. And the inspection went pretty well! This will be a HUGE weight off our shoulders. But it will just add a different weight of getting the stuff done here. So hopefully once ALL my stuff moves in, I will organize house and Chris will finish bathroom. I am going to take some pictures when Chris gets up and I will post them and explain the work we are doing.

For now, I’m outtie for my Sunday ritual. Going through the paper and drinking my coffee, then usually church (just not this week).

One thought on “The weekend

  1. Having plans are good!
    Congrats on selling your house 🙂
    Lifelines are savers!

    This now concludes the Jennifer Haiku system.

    (p.s. you're doing better than me with posting 🙂

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