What I’m Lovin’…


Pandora Internet Radio
I mean, I always love to have Pandora playing in the background while: cleaning, cooking, crafting. Clearly while doing all things start with a ‘c’ and end with and -ing. 🙂

During the holidays, my favorite was the station RnB and Pop Holidays Radio it has classic holiday songs, as well as newer ones. A great soundtrack for this holiday season.

But now, I have done back to my old standard Tween Radio so I can keep up with what is hot right now. And the girls really enjoy Radio for Kids, it has a good mix of Disney pop songs and some contemporary hits.

I‘ve pared down my list, only listening to a couple: Pop Culture Happy Hour it’s basically exactly what the title says. But the hosts are great, they have a lot of good insight into pop culture ‘things’ and I find that I always agree with one host and learn about something new in the pop culture world.

I also occassionally listen to Someone Knows SomethingAn in-depth look at a cold case—mostly murder—braught to you by CBC.

Seeing, which is different from watching

A REAL fire in my fireplace.
But that’s not always possible, so the brilliant people at Netflix have a fix for that…Fireplace for Your Home. It gives you a beautiful roaring fire: visually and auditorially. Lovely during what will certainly be more cold Indiana days.


Speaking of Netflix—the well from which all good things come—I am loving Dumplin’. Sure there are some holes in the story, cliche characters, and a tighty happy ending. But ultimately it make me laugh and cry. I think I’ve watched it 3 (three) times as of writing this.

This is a self acceptance/coming-of-age/mother-daughter story with a TON of Dolly Parton music; Jennifer Aniston-a fellow Greek-girl; and drag queens. Not my favorite movie with drag queens (that goes to Kinky Boots)!

I can’t recommend it more. Do yourself a favor and check it out.


I’m obsessed with making drawstring bags as ‘gift wrap’. It is truly a gift all on it’s own. Plus, I use my fabric stash AND someone gets a cute bag to do whatever they want with.

My ideas for using the bag once you’ve unwrapped your gift… going on a trip and need to pack shoes? Great put them in one of these bags so the gross dirty sole of your shoe doesn’t get all over your clean clothes, or throw an empty one in your bag for your dirty laundry, how about one for all your charge cords? The possibilities are endless.

They are kinda perfect for taking your presents wrapping to the next level.
Here is one of the MANY tutorials I watched on YouTube on how to make them.

Tell me about it!

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