I’m working at a local coffee shop today, it’s called Strange Brew. It’s awesome. I wish I had a regular camera, but all I have is the one on my computer. So here’s a pic:

I’m having awesome Hot Apple Cider and the Tomato Soup (homemade) and grill Cheese (I assume is also homemade…:))
OH and they have KNITTING SUPPLIES! How cool is that? Lots of local art. Do you have a local coffee shop you like?

I’m also getting ready to finish up on a custom order for my etsy shop.

So, I buy and make homemade, the majority of my Christmas gifts are homemade, perhaps not by me, but I have purchased from others on etsy. Such as:
Pink Gasoline

Buster and Boo
Plus some I am making myself—Archivers, Snapfish photo books and knitting.
And just going to local craft fairs.

How about you? How is your Christmas shopping/crafting going?
What are you making? Are you shopping homemade as well?

Tell me about it!

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