Yeah-Completed Swap

I’m done!
Out the door ant off to Katie as of an hour ago-I hope.
So now, when I get home I can open what she sent me.
I told myself that I wasn’t allowed to open the package–which has been sitting on my kitchen counter for the last 5 days. Just sitting there MOCKING me.
Sunday night
Chris: “Are you going to open this? It’s for you.”
Me: “Not yet.”
Chris walks away, just thinking whatever crazy women!
Monday night
Chris: “This is still here. Do you want me to hand it to you so you can open it?”
Me: “Nope.”
Again puzzled Chris but no questions.
Tuesday night
Chris: “Here, you should open this.”
Me: “Not yet…I haven’t finished my knitting project for Katie so I can’t open it until it’s complete!”
Chris: “I thought you showed it to me while we were in West Virginia.”
Me: “I did, but really that went into the craft fail pile. It’s hideous, I can’t send it to her.”
Chris: “OK, so what are you going to do.”
Me-as I’m knitting: ‘Send her this.”

Not the colors I envisioned because I had to regroup and start over.
Sorry Katie.
I hope you like it.
Hopefully it wont screw up your homes color theme.

PS. The hat’s not for you, it’s for the grand baby whom is on the way. 🙂

And now I get to go home and open my package!
I’ll post pics tomorrow.

Tell me about it!

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