Budget Crafting: Valentine edition

Valentines Day…hearts and flowers…pretty pink (and red) paper…a holiday for children…and sickeningly sweet lovers that wont last. But valentine crafts are for fun!
And since it is all of those things I will decorate. I will fill the house with a little more love then there was in January and a little more then there will be after February 14. Which really—when you think about it—is sad.

We should be filling every area of our lives with love everyday, right? But sometimes the grind of  daily life: dirty underwear, homework, making lunches and dinners, cleaning marker off of… well—EVERYTHING; it can put a hold on some of the little things that show love. Reading that extra story at bedtime, giving the Boar a hug when he gets home or a kiss before he leaves for work.

So, let’s bring in the love! At least some love via my favorite thing: Crafting!
So, leading up to Valentines Day, I will be posting a #love inspired craft video.
My first has been a been…a headache. Not making it, but the video caused me several fits, from filming to uploading to YouTube. I have been trying to decide if God just didn’t want me to do it. But I persevered, and although NO WHERE near what I had hoped it would be, it is uploaded and I am on to the next.
I hope you enjoy. This is the perfect beginner craft. It’s easy, kid-friendly and required limited supplies. Supplies are ones that you probably have around the house-I have provided alternatives for any of the ‘fancy’ supplies I used (my supply list is at left). So please head over to my YouTube channel, follow the tutorial and let me know what you think.

What you need for this project: • 5-6 pieces of 12×12 scrapbook paper • Aleene’s Tacky Glue • Clover Wonder Clips or plain old paperclips • Fiskers Paper cutter or scissors/X-acto knife, metal ruler, and a self-healing cutting mat

Tell me about it!

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