Chrismas socks

I have to share, I’ve been working really hard on the mate to my dragonfly pattern sock for the last week or so. Well, I finished it last night! Here it is:

Not what you expected to see is it? Well, here it is just hours before it got frogged and turned into that. I clearly didn’t do my measuring correctly. I’m sure it had something to do with the fact that Chris and I were eating pizza, drinking beer and watching Mr. Mom. Yes, the lovely 80’s movie which is a theme that keeps coming around in my life.
I purchased it yesterday at Walmart. It one of those duo-packs and came with Baby Boom. I heart those combos and I went a little nutty in that department yesterday by also purchasing Mermaids/Moonstruck combo, Emma/Shakespeare in Love combo and Shag all by itself.

But I digress, anyway, I was going to try and frog just to where I needed to start adding rows to make the fix, but then I remembered that there were a couple of mistakes early on and so I decided to just frog the whole thing. Chris was pretty surprised when he looked over and saw the ball in place of the sock. He did get a good laugh when I put the sock on. I gave him a nice little hit on the arm for that one!

Anyway, I am going to put the sock on hold for a couple of days. Not just because I’m a little bummed about having to start over but also because I broke a needle, I could feel it getting ready to crack, but I didn’t get a chance to trade it out before it did. Luckily I have had 5 so I’m still good to go with 4 dpn’s. Still a little annoying.

Today, Oscar and I are blogging, reading the Sunday paper (my favorite Sunday morning activity), watching the Colts game (another one of my favorite Sunday activities), going to eventually go to mom and dads for dinner, and work on the iPod case I designed last week.

Oh, Oscar let me take a picture of him (had to give him a doggie OREO cookie treat) but he is not happy about his new accessory! I’m not really either, but I hope that he wont have to wear it too long. I came home on Thursday and he had a big scratch on the top of his head, I don’t know what caused it, but I’m hoping it will heal quickly.
He hasn’t gotten used to it, he keeps knocking his Elizabethan collar into things. 🙂

Hope all is doing well and I will chat with you soon!

One thought on “Chrismas socks

  1. OMG. Those needdles must been working for a long time, no?
    You’ve been busy bee 😉
    And Bravo, you had the corouge to frog the all sock, that is my kind of women 😉

  2. OMG. Those needdles must been working for a long time, no?You’ve been busy bee 😉And Bravo, you had the corouge to frog the all sock, that is my kind of women 😉

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