Coming off the weekend

Ok, I am giving up posting my ‘To Do’ list. I’m doing a pretty good job of keeping up with the list…if I start to fall off and need to have then accountability I’ll go back to it.

Although I didn’t do a lot of knitting this weekend I did do quite a bit of planning. I wrote up my Christmas list which I will be posting over at the Christmas KAL. I’m sure I will be adding as the year goes on, but as of right now. This seems really daunting. Especially if I consider everything I want to knit for myself. But I guess I will have to be better at multitasking. 🙂

Some things that I can’t wait to move onto/off of my needles.
OFF: My dragonfly socks are going well. I finished the heel last night now I need to do the gusset, foot and toe.
ON: The second dragonfly sock.

ON: I can’t wait to start on my monthly dishcloth KAL.

ON: I am itching to knit some sort of sweater. Something else I’ve never tried.

Although I had it on my list of things to do this weekend I didn’t get my spare bedroom painted. I started painting the corners, where the wall meets the ceiling and where the wall meets another wall areas yesterday, and I freaked about how pink the room is going to be…a little too Elle Woods for me. Or at least my original plan.
But I had an epiphany in the shower and I think I’m gonna change the look to match the color. If it doesn’t work out…what’s the big deal, paint is cheap and it’ll just take me a couple more weeks to repaint. I can live with that, cause if it works out…it’ll look REALLY cool! And I think I can make everything else to match. Although now that I’m typing this I almost think it would be better to just go ahead and stick with my original plan.

UGG…This is why I don’t decorate! Too many choices…too big a canvas! Not enough time!

Oh and I am starving! I need to go eat, but I forgot my book, so what am I going to do at lunch? Sit and stare at all the passers by? NO.

One thought on “Coming off the weekend

  1. Hi, I just have to say that I love another knitting girl that loves her pedicures 🙂

    adding you to my sidebar too~!

    (p.s. say hello once in a while!)

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