Dear Sister

If you have been here for a while, you know, I believe in God and I also believe he puts things on all our hearts everyday. Many times we don’t listen or follow those things, those little voice in our head that is telling us to call a friend, or contact someone you met once but haven’t talked to in years, or buy something for your sister and then write her a note. I have recently seen all three of these things happen. Not only in my life, but in others lives…so, here is my letter to my dear sister. I love you and know that this is all written in agápē.

And although I am worried about putting this out there, this morning during my doubt I hear God telling me that it’s not just for your sister, it’s for the brothers and sisters that I don’t know and who will stumble upon this post. So, if that is you and you are reading this, know that God sent you here for a reason today and open your heart to what you might gleam from these writings.

Dear Sister,
It is breaking my heart right now that I don’t know how to help you through your heartache.
But I know you.

Maybe right now your family knows you better than anyone else on this earth. And I want you to know – you will make it past this storm and end up better on the other side.
Like this octopus you are strong. But also like the octopus you have used your eight arms to keep yourself ‘safe’.But all that protection has stopped you from having the life you have dreamed of having.

Over this past year you have let some of those arms down and let someone in. You let another cross into those arms and close to your heart. It appears that maybe he wasn’t worthy of you in the end (or maybe he’s just his own kind of animal protecting himself with a different set of ‘arms’). But he was the right animal for now. A gentle one that has let you know that its okay to let your arms down and let someone in. A bunny rabbit, cute and cuddly and wouldn’t hurt someone unless extremely provoked, but has their own issues.

Your heart is still intact.

Know how I know?
#1) Your still here!
#2) You let an old friend back to start to repair that friendship
#3) You’ve let your family in more that you have in years.

Although your instinct is to recoil your arms and protect your heart again—I pray that you don’t. And I believe that that prayer will come true.

Right now, you are using your octopus ‘ink’ (tears) to protect yourself. But that is easy for others to wipe away and get into your arms for an embrace. Soon your ink will start to dwindle and once that is gone you will have made room within yourself for something new.

And dear sister, you will be better for it.


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