…Here I Am

These are my peeps!

This is my new home.

It’s so weird, because I love my old blog.

And honestly, I love Blogger.

However, I have three reasons for moving <in no particular order> :
1. I’m not always sure who that other person, who used to blog over at Creative Potpourri, is anymore. Not because I’m so different but, I guess I kinda am:
> for the most part, that person was single;
> that person didn’t have kids 

2. I need to learn WordPress…as a new on the scene freelancer in the marketing field WordPress seems to be the industry standard for site platforms.

3. I want to brand myself better. Need the blog url to go with the my Instagram, Etsy, Twitter and Facebook pages right? This lack of continuity has caused me much anxiety on it’s own.

So, this is it. This is where I will ‘live’ <at least digitally>.

Physically, I live in the Indianapolis area. I’ve lived here most of my life, although I spent several years in Muncie, Indiana while I was in college at Ball State University.

I also spent about 5 years living and working in the southwest suburbs of Chicago.

Now I live in a northern suburb of Indianapolis with my husband <Chris> and two girls <O and E>.

O is a tinkerer. She loves playing with daddies tools.
O is a tinkerer. She loves playing with daddies tools.
E has no fear and loves petting Freckles.









I work for me. A freelance designer, social media specialist and general anything marketing. 

And I’m a big crafter.


So, that’s a little about me.
Christ follower • woman • wife • mother • daughter • sister • friend • avid crafter • occasional blogger • everyday dreamer and muse • always opinionated and mostly harmless

All the above things and more are on the docket for talking about here…including, but not limited to…
• my love of the ellipsis…
• my faith, strength and crisis
• my kiddos
• my dislike of Dora and Jack and The Neverland Pirates and my kids LOVE of them both
• my need to create…craft…design…tinker <maybe I should have called myself the Tinkerer>
…and whatever pops into my head…
• and lots of crafts <—My favorite
• some pop culture/movies

Thank you for visiting. Please come back.

Tell me about it!

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