How did I miss this?

NKOTB is back?
I don’t think I would have believed it till I saw this:

I realize that Donnie Wahlberg hasn’t done as well with the acting thing as his bro Marky Mark, but come on. He’s had some decent acting jobs and was building up some credibility as an actor. Now?
Probably not so much.
I mean, we don’t see Marky Mark dancing around in his underwear for money, is Donnie this hard up for money? Ask your brother for a job, he produces TV and movies, maybe he can help.
I think Joey McIntyre also did some acting…Boston Public — unfortunately around the time it Jumped the Shark I think. He might be hard up for some cash. And I don’t know what the others have been doing, Jordan might have had a couple albums on his own, but didn’t go anywhere.

All that being said, the songs kinda catchy.

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