I’ve been knitting

I have made these hats for the little bug. 🙂

I have entered my second trimester and I’m a little less tired then I was before. But I’m still feeling a little sickly sometimes. Just nausiated, no actual throwing up.

Chris and I have told our families and a select group of friends. Still not mentioning anything on facebook or any other mass media location—haven’t even told the majority of my coworkers and those I’ve told have been sworn to secrecy. Maybe next week I’ll spill the beans.

Other then that, Chris and I have been reevaluating how and were we are going to live, we’re sticking here for about another year and then we’ll get the house on the market and move.

I really want to find a knitting swap or something, I need a deadline for getting some knitting done. Does that make any sense? Plus I just love swaps. 🙂 Spoiling someone and being spoiled.

Beyond that, I hope to get back into a routine with the blogging, we’ll see…this is a step in the right direction right? But I still read blogs all the time, even if I’m not posting. 🙂

One thought on “I’ve been knitting

  1. I vote Florida…Tampa! Maybe I'll race you there. I love swaps too – have you tried Swapbot? I'm interested in the ATC swaps. There's alot a chick can do with a 2.5 x 3.5 surface. Gets my creative juices flowing on a manageable scale too. It's a blast to get something in the mailbox besides spiders and junkmail.

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