I think I have somehow blanked on a whole week of posts!
Man, there is a bunch of stuff missing.
Let me begin with the most important one.
Joanne, my spoilee during the summer dishcloth exchange send me the nicest package last week. And it came at just the right time. I had had a horrid day and then a package arrived. And she wasn’t supposed to send me ANYTHING! Cause I sent her stuff.

Here is the package.

Look at how beautifully it was wrapped! I love the combination of yarns she used on the outside.

Check out the inside!

A large dishcloth (and it’s pattern) so pretty; great smelling soap; and a skein of yarn. I don’t even know what to make out of the yarn! It’s so pretty, I want to make something for my bathroom cause it’s yellow.

Some completed knitting projects:
Garden Maze Dishcloth from Knitwits-Heaven
And…yes Jenny I did see the pop tart! I even made my own version of one…I think I might try again (different colors), but this is my spin on the pop tart. A little more functionality.

Although I mentioned it, I somehow haven’t taken a picture of the sock I finished. Now I need to get on the ball with the other.

I haven’t mentioned the Imperial Moth that took up lodging on one of my trees last week, it was kinda scary when I first saw it. But then I got bolder and got closer to it and this is what I saw, which doesn’t give it’s funky/owl like face justice. And a little while later I went and looked at it again, even closer (yes I whttp://www.blogger.com/img/gl.link.gifas fascinated!) and this is what I saw. Big show off!

Lastly, this week I decided to check out FLY Lady at Jenny’s suggestion. I’ve started Day 1 today

Shine your sink!

OK, I think I’m done now! At least for a while.

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