My 21 of 2010

01. Start getting the house organized
I think I will rely on on the Fly Lady for help in this department
02. I will like my job
If I can’t enjoy it, I will find a new one
03. I will make 5 sales from my Etsy shop.
04. I will read one book a month.
05. I will blog 2 times a week—I was getting good at this, but somehow got off track.
06. I will stop picking at the skin around my nails.
07. I will complete one knitting project every 2 months—this seems like it’s an odd item, but I haven’t been knitting so I gotta start somewhere.
08. I will always say what I mean, but not say it mean.
09. I will eat better.
10. I will workout/walk 3 times a week.
11. I will be more open with my family.
12. I will laugh more.
13. I will make Julia Child’s Beef Bourguignon.
14. I will get more freelance work.
15. I will buy more homemade then China-made.
16. I will forgive more.
17. I will scrapbook—I want to make at least one from out wedding.
18. I will not purchase stupid stuff I don’t really need simply because it’s on sale.
19. I will take more pictures
20. I will always believe.
21. I will have a baby*, or four—I keep having this dream where I have two sets of identical twins (I’m fascinated by twins).

* This one is confirmed (at least the pregnancy part, not the number). WE HAVE NOT TOLD OUR FAMILIES-No mentioning on Facebook (Jen!) 🙂
I am excited. Having our first doctors appointment next week.

One thought on “My 21 of 2010

  1. Cristina says:

    Your list looks like my mental list, because i don't have the corage to write it down!!! 🙂
    About the big thing in 9 months… congrats… i want tell anyone 😉
    And happy new year for you and your hubby, hope you started with the rigth foot

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