Pride and Knitting

Well, I have figured out a couple of things:

  • I have some of the best friends on the planet, and I love every one of them! I can’t even begin to tell you how important they are to me and how lucky I am that God brought us all together. And I can say this because July was a hard month for me and they have been a huge help just listening to me. Especially Chris and Mindy.
  • I can NOT knit with Hot Green Sugar’n Cream yarn. Everything I have tried to make with it over the lasst month has turned out CRAPPY! So I have just stopped using it!

  • People amaze me. Where they get there conviction/will/direction is sometimes just amazing to me. I watched The Education of Shelby Knox this week, it’s a documentary of a sophomore in high school in Lubbock, Texas and how she worked to bring sex education into public schools in her town. Wow!
  • I am loving apple pie! We made apple pies last September at Ryan’s. Yes, I said MADE-picked the apples, skinned them, cut them, cooked them to make the filling. and Yes I said LAST September. I froze mine. And since I’m trying to do this live off my stash stuff, I decided I wanted something sweet and maybe that would hit the spot. Not normally an apple pie fan, but I needed something sweet. It’s really good! I made it Friday night and I’m half done with it.
  • Making a knitting pattern is hard! I truly appreciate what everyone goes through to write a pattern. I have written my first one this week. Now I just need to test it, NOT in Hot Green (because I tried it in Hot Green!) 🙂
  • Some women put up with a lot of crap when they are dating someone. Thankfully, I am not one of them, but I was at a wedding tonight and I ran into a couple that I have known for a long time, she was a friend of my sisters and he was a year behind me in high school (we also grew up in the same neighborhood). He made some weird comments to me, right in front of his fiancé…like “if it doesn’t work out with her I’m gonna look you up”! No no no!
  • And lastly, I can do cables! Thanks to Cristina, she sent me the pattern (yes, I did start it in Hot Green). It looks brilliant, I worked on it Friday night while watching Pride and Prejudice (the BBC version). Which I am also very fond of, can’t go wrong with Colin Firth. I’ve also discovered that I am very much a Lizzie Bennet. I’ve started to read P&P but haven’t ever finished it. Always get sidetracked by something else.

That’s all for now, I am TIRED! and I’m pretty sure I’m not really making much sense right now.

One thought on “Pride and Knitting

  1. CAbles make you look like a super genius, so play it up!!

    Congrats on having such good friends…and realizing it !

    :)happy monday 🙂

  2. CAbles make you look like a super genius, so play it up!! Congrats on having such good friends…and realizing it !:)happy monday 🙂

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