So long!

I can’t seem to get back into a schedule. Just can’t seem to get into a good routine with this new teaching gig. This weekend was a little lazy, but I didn’t take any time to really craft or knit or anything. I feel so out of balance and I can’t seem to keep getting more out of control.

I did buy a couple of really bad movies Friday. I bought My Super Ex-Girlfriend, Rumor Has It… and Syriana (which I haven’t watched yet). The first two sucked which makes me not wanna watch the Syriana. That was an excellent waste of a Friday afternoon (only had a half day of work). You would think that that downtime would have been enough to get me back into balance.

But no, guess what I found on Wednesday when I got home from teaching? A puddle in my living room. Couldn’t figure it out, so in the morning I called a contractor and he came over Thursday afternoon. He located the source of the water puddle, coming from my air-conditioning unit. Before he left, he ripped out the carpet padding under the carpet and ripped up part of the carpet. All in all, after several calls to my AC company, they came out and fixed the problem. I have it serviced 2 times a year and they never noticed that I didn’t have coil guards that keep the condensation that collects on the coils from splashing out of the unit. They will be paying to fix my carpet, making sure no mold is growing in my walls and all the damage to my hardwood floor that was right by the carpet water spot. Lord only knows how long the water was there. I never come in and out of my front door, I always come in though the garage. It was just by chance that I found the water that night.

So, that consumed my Saturday afternoon, dealing with my insurance adjuster and running errands before hanging out with Mindy and Scott at a neighborhood picnic. Then we met up with Ryan and Chris to watch the fireworks. Afterwards I went to a bar with Ryan and Chris…maybe the reason guys don’t talk to me is because I show up at bars with a group of guys…what do you think?

This has also been on my mind for a while now. I can’t just dump them. I love them, but it’s probably a little detrimental to my personal life.

Moving on. Sunday was spent hanging around knitting. 🙂 I have done something!
I’ve been doing some soap sacks when I get a chance. They’re pretty easy and I hope to try and make enough to sell around Christmas time at a local craft show. We’ll see if I can’t get my act together enough to get that done.

I am planning on going rafting and camping this weekend so hopefully I will be able to get some more sacks done while sitting by the campfire, between bites of s’mores. 🙂

Went to a cookout Sunday where Ryan and I hung out there till 2 in the morning. And I had to be down in the Southside of Indy at 11 Monday morning. ICK!
Here’s me stuffing my face at the cookout!

That’s about it. I have some things coming down the pipe, I can’t really share right now, but I will write all about it (hopefully) soon! 🙂

One thought on “So long!

  1. Nice soap sacks, everywhere that i turn now, someone is doing christmas stuf! like the colors that you used, they’re very relaxing 😉

  2. Nice soap sacks, everywhere that i turn now, someone is doing christmas stuf! like the colors that you used, they’re very relaxing 😉

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