String Art, Knits, and Books: What’s Up Wednesday


Today is a Wednesday of endings and beginnings…almost literally!

Letter Library?

What is a Letter Library?
Good question. I don't think it's a real thing, but it should be!

As Words in Deep Blue describes it: it's a small room (closet like) with shelves of books. Books that have been written in, words circled, annotations, and sometimes literal letters.
Anyone can go in the room and add to comments in a book, highlight a passage, leave a letter. Anyone can read the comments.
Comment on the comments.
The books are never to leave the room—they are not for purchase or to be checked out. They are there as a living-breathing history of the people who have touched them and whose lives the book has touched.

Doesn't that seem like something you'd like to be a part of?
I do.


As I'm typing this I am finishing (listening) the book Words in Deep Blue—have you read it? It was a really slow start for me. It actually made me want to write a list of tropes in fiction that I hate—#1) NEEDY BOYS CHARACTERS. It seems I have read a rash of them lately and several have been boys: Miles and Alaska from Finding Alaska (which also gets mentioned in Words in Deep Blue), now Harry…but the second half has had me in tears. And it desperately makes me want to have a Letter Library in my town to contribute to. I wonder if I can just request my library starts one.

The Fishermans Scarf and Beret—which will absolutely have 'Maria' modifications.


String art! I can't wait for this. Of course, instread of doing one of starting with one of the patterns in the The Workbasket Home and Arts Magazine from January 1978, I have drawn my own. But in typing this, I am rethinking that. I think I will do two: one of the patterns in the magazine and THEN I'll do my pattern.

Also starting Saga, Vol. 2. Truth be told I started that earlier today. After finishing volume 1 I went to the library and got the next two in the series—I think there are 12 in all. But then I kinda forgot about it and didn't think I really cared to revisit those characters. I like them find. But I just thought that maybe it wasn't for me.
I have a slew of books to go back to the library and I went around picking things those items—plus anything else that I thought should go back and these Saga graphic novels were going to fall into that category, but I decided to give volume 2 a quick glance before sticking it in my bag to go to the library…

Yeah, those two graphic novels stuck around.

I'm also starting the Mary Shelley biography because I am also starting Frankenstein and getting ready for literary lecture that will be put on next week.

My last starts, preping for Valentines Day tomorrow. Dinner will:
Ribs—a shocking meat dish my daughters enjoy aside from hotdogs and chicken nuggets
Roasted Broccoli—another veggie they will both eat
Parmesan Potatoes
and a brownie dessert with salted caramel (which I didn't make in yesterday's post) and vanilla ice cream.

Happy (early) Valentines Day!



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