Terrific Tuesday

Guess what?

No Really, I want you to guess!

Are you serious, you think I’d be sitting here blogging if I had won the lottery?

Try harder.
It’s taking you so long to guess, my hair has returned to it’s natural color. 🙂

FINE! I’ll tell you…

I made a sale today from my Etsy shop.!

Sale number 2 (well three if you consider the handies I made a friend who STILL hasn’t gone on and ‘purchased’ them through Etsy).

But still! Another sale!

I’m super excited and it’s got me jazzed to get my but back on track for the shop. I even blogged yesterday on mariadesigns.

We’ll see how this goes. Keep your fingers crossed.

Oh! And if you know how I can make the green behind my blogname go away on mariadesigns PLEASE let me know!

Tell me about it!

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