To knit or to read?

Here’s the thing…I’m going to watch the Colts play the Jags today. The question is, what will I do while I watch them…knit, working on the second side of the doctor bag and AGAIN (for the 4th time-started it again last night and ripped it) the Spiral hat by Elizabeth Zimmermann (which I really don’t want to make anymore, but just feel like it’s getting the best of me so I HAVE to complete it now!)

Or do I catch up on some much needed magazine reading? I mean, the Sunday paper is a given…read it look at the ads every Sunday. Since I design magazines, I have a huge love of them, but haven’t had a chance to read many lately. So there’s the Women’s Health and Real Simple from last month and then yesterday I picked up Self and The Knot. No I don’t normally pick up a wedding magazine, but…I’m letting myself get excited about the idea of marrying Chris. No it’s not all in my head, we’ve actually talked about it, but real asking or ring as of yet.

Oh and I also have some projects to grade for class, but I think I will watch the game and then grade during half-time and after the game.

I will let you know what I did after I do it. 🙂

Tell me about it!

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