Today’s vocab words are…

I am reading Sense and Sensibility via daily book Daily Lit and I love it. The site sends you about 1 page worth of the book a day. It is going to take me 170 some odd days to read the whole book-and that’s just getting a page m-f at the office. (No, I haven’t been reading everyday, I’m about a week and a half behind) But all three of those words popped up in the reading today. I think I’m going to bring them back, they ALL applied to me this morning.

Before you ask, I didn’t know what they all meant, I have heard alacrity before, but didn’t REALLY know the meaning.

So I will use them in a sentence. There is a women in my office that I have always thought was a coxcomb, but she has gotten worse lately. And today didn’t help since she got to be on the stage at the employee meeting telling everyone what to do. I had a feeling of piqued after that meeting, I don’t want to be a tell all in the employee meeting, but she definitely gets the ‘good’ projects to work on. But then I thought about how I get to take tomorrow and Friday off and I was such a feeling of alacrity I just made everything else go away.

Don’t ever say my blog isn’t educational, I am a college teacher two nights a week! 🙂

In other news, think I have the old G4 up and running, it’s taking forever to upload songs from the computer to the iPod because the USB port is an older (apparently slower) version of the new ones. Who knew that a USB port wasn’t just a USB port?

Anyway, got to figure out the video stuff, because my iTunes wont play or upload them to my ipod and since I have a video iPod, I want to use that capability! Oh and if you need to get music from an iPod onto a mac, try Senuti not iPodRip cause that didn’t work.

To the knitting, I finished my Monthly KAL dishcloth. Look at the cute little squirrely, squirrel.

I’ve decided that this one is for Oscar cause he is obsessed with squirrels, he constantly wants to go outside and bark at the top of the trees, because there are squirrels taunting him all the time. And he doesn’t want to hurt them, unless you can lick a squirrel to death, cause that’s all he wants to do, sniff and lick!

Other then that, everything else is going well. Chris is coming over for dinner tomorrow and I am making a baked rigatoni thing I had this weekend at Fizoli’s I can’t wait to try it out at home. I think I can do it pretty easy. And it was yummy. Plus I’m just full of alacrity to get to see Topher. I love calling him that, and he hates it…from anyone other then me. 🙂

That’s about all from me. Just remember to stay away from coxcombs and you will always be alacritous. 🙂

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